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Registration: On-Site Church Attendance


Hello Church,

The elders and church board have voted to reopen face-to-face church services on a limited basis starting tomorrow, October 17. I say "limited" because we must, of course, comply with all state, conference, and reasonable safety protocols to minimize the risk of Coronavirus transmission. For that reason, members interested in attending need to register first. I will provide the link to the online registration form at the end of this message but let me clarify a few points first.

As you know, churches can only host a certain number of occupants based on the legal capacity of the building and the mandate to maintain proper social distancing. In our case, that means we have roughly 50 seating locations. If attendees come individually we can accommodate around 50 people, if they come in small family groups then we can accommodate up to 70 persons in total, including A-V personnel and platform participants.

In addition, everyone who attends must first attest to the fact that they are not experiencing symptoms, have not come in contact with anyone infected by Covid-19, and have not returned from restricted travel areas in the last 14 days. When they arrive they must also sign in to a log book so that, in the unfortunate event that someone tests positive, the church can "contact trace" everyone who was in the building with that individual.

Please note that while these measures may seem unusual they are, in fact, the basic requirements that all churches have to meet. They are not unique to us.

With all that in mind, please use one of the links above to navigate to the online registration form, which will close out when we reach fifty reservations.

May God bless us all as we begin our reopening.

Pastor S